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Animal Science


One part lab work, two parts Old McDonald.


Any time your horse has a busted leg, you take them to—oh, you've never owned a horse? Hmm. Let's try again.

When you're out in the family woods, and your falcon's wing looks a little—what? No falcon? Jiminy crickets.

When your gerbil is broken and needs fixing, you turn to someone educated in animal science.

This major covers much more than the veterinarian side of things, though. You'll learn all about animals here: falcons, stallions, and just about any domesticated animal in between. You can even become an expert on how a cow's four-chamber stomach works, although it isn't exactly the best thing to talk about on a first date.

Animal science may appeal to people who find themselves volunteering at animal hospitals or working on ranches instead of at the mall. Those girls with super long nails and crispy-crunchy hair or guys that never wear beat-up jeans will be few and far between here. This discipline is one that forces you to get down and dirty from time to time.

You may find yourself working in farm optimization, veterinary science, or in wildlife conservation. A great aspect of this major is that it can be applied to nearly any sort of job…involving animals.

It's not like animal science will train you to fill in for surgery on an eight-year-old boy. No matter how similar to a spider monkey he is. You can, however, give Sparky a lovely new kidney along with an annoying cone of shame.

Famous People who majored in Animal Science

  • Temple Grandin, famous innovator in animal science and an autism activist
  • Dr. Trevor Tomkins, animal nutrition researcher
  • Doctor Dolittle
  • Kathy Anderson, horse specialist at University of Nebraska
  • Curtis Cupp, scientist in dairy nutrition

Percentage of US students who major in Animal Science:


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