Electrons, protons, neutrons…all of the -tons.


Manufacturing soda, keeping a pool clean, and Walter White. What do all of these have in common, you ask? Chemistry.

Chemistry is the study of matter, and we don't mean the "that doesn't matter" type of matter. Nope, we're talking about the stuff that makes up everything, on the smallest level. Ever wonder why exercise feels good? Because endorphins. Boom, chemistry.

Anybody that has ever taken an antihistamine or pain reliever also has chemistry to thank. But even if Aleve isn't your number one interest, a chemistry degree can still take you places, like NASA, where you could work to figure out what sort of elements far-off planets might need to support life.

That's right, we're talking Nobel Prize-type work here.

If NASA is too stuffy for you, you could work in a lab and play with explosive chemicals instead. Seriously. That's the type of job you could get with this degree. Even if you opt to teach.

What student doesn't love a teacher who shoots off a rocket on the first day of class? Do you think a history teacher can get street cred like that? Not a chance.

Percentage of US students who major in Chemistry:


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