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If you're snugly in-doors, maybe wrapped in a warm, fuzzy blanket and sippin' on some hot cocoa, then you've got a construction worker to thank—especially if it's raining. Nothing's worse than hot cocoa that's been watered down.

We've come a long way since log cabins, and the field of construction has grown along with us. The men and women of the modern construction world are responsible for everything from the Space Needle to your local library.

This discipline appeals to anyone who grew up with Lincoln Logs, or who saw a Lego masterpiece and thought "I can build that bigger." Or maybe you asked your parents the difference between an atrium and a façade before the age of ten—in which case, you still might fit the mold.

The world is and probably always will be rife with construction jobs; when one structure comes down, another is built. It seems like we're always building or repairing something. Construction services: the health industry's answer to urban expansion.

If you're willing to work hard with not-always-agreeable hours, you can potentially make a lot of money. Many people take up a specific trade to fall back on, which permits flexibility while pursuing a higher-paying or steadier job.

So yeah, constructions services/management majors can build pretty solid careers—with steel reinforcements and everything.

Famous People who majored in Construction Services

  • J.P. Rosenbaum
  • Gordon Bryan
  • Kevin Lefever
  • Rebecca Freitas
  • Bob the Builder (skipping a few grades along the way)

Percentage of US students who major in Construction Services:


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