Classes include: popcorn production and 3D glasses design.


We know you must be tired of hearing your parents tell you things were different in their day, and although it's an obvious statement, it's true. We're in the age of YouTube and Vine. Children are growing up with camera phones, webcams, and movie-editing software pre-installed on their Macs.

These days, all you need is a good idea, a sizable following, and a camera phone for the beginnings of success and stardom. You no longer need peddle your idea to a talent agency—just take to the Internet, become viral, and they'll come to you. In fact, the very popular TV show Adventure Time began as a YouTube short that went viral. Lucky you, Pendleton.

If you were one of those budding film critics who maybe opted for the video project in school, then consider majoring in film-video. Although not all directors went to college (ahem, Peter Jackson) and/or majored in film-video, it will give you much wider perspective. Hey, if you can win seventeen Academy Awards without any formal training, imagine what you could do with formal training.

You don't even have to be a fan of movies to major in film-video. (They are getting rather formulaic, aren't they?) There are other options, like TV shows, commercials, and film shorts.

Percentage of US students who major in Film-Video:


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