The only major that accrues new interest every day.


We don't think it's breaking news that most people—if not all—would like more money. Right? Right, Shmoopers? Okay, help us help you. If you can't admit that money is important, we can't go any further. Now, say it with us: Show me the money. Show me the money, Shmoop.

Geeze, okay. Since you asked politely…

So yeah, money matters. We know this, you know this, everyone knows this. If you'd like to know more about this, consider majoring in finance. Finance majors know a thing or two about money and how to make it stretch because of all the math and econ classes they've taken. They know the best way to manage investments and understand the topsy-turvy world of corporate finance.

"But wait a minute, Shmoop, isn't that just accounting?" Why, we're glad you asked. The short answer is: Not quite. It's true that they're similar since both deal with numbers and finances, but here's a basic definition: Accounting students study everything to do with numbers from getting the money to organizing where it should all go. Finance majors, on the other hand, focus on how to manage the money. Stocks, bonds, and investment options are big deals in the finance major.

So if you're more interested in figuring out how to manage a portfolio and what the deal is with investment options, finance is for you.

Then, you can show your clients the money.

Percentage of US students who major in Finance:


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