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We get it. You love computer games and sitting around at home in your sweats, so you figure, why not become a graphic designer? That way, you can do both of those things and call it work.

After all, you can't sit around playing Doom or Call of Duty forever…maybe. This way you can design things just the way you want them. Sounds perfect, right? Graphic design graduates do get to work in exciting atmospheres after college. Creating ad campaigns, editing movies, and working on the graphics on your computer with iTunes blasting is not a bad way to live.

But then there's the practical side of life, which requires you to do things like hold down a job, ride public transportation, not blow your whole budget on Oreos, that kind of thing. The real real life.

In this category, graphic designers have it a little tough. They don't make all that much (sorry to bust your Oreo bubble) and they have a tough time making it into the industry. Sure, there are freelance jobs here and there, but most grads find that it takes a few years of work before they can actually call graphic design their full-time job.

Still, if you're willing to work at it, once you make it, graphic designers have a pretty sweet life. With flexible hours and fun, new projects to boot.

Percentage of US students who major in Graphic Design:


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