They are partial to Pi; everything else is just so derivative.


If twenty-three different people walk through the doors of a 7-11 convenience store 941 times in the span of an average lifespan of seventy-three years, what is the probability that a random sample of females wearing floral blouses purchase cigarettes with green labels more than energy drinks with pink labels? How may we forecast, and even predict, those ladies' level of personal satisfaction with regard to the interpolation of the time series of this mined data?

Take notice: The bigger issue at stake here is if you care. If you don't care, you should probably move along to another section. "Anything but math," says the right-brained Shmooper. For those who keep reading, we're entering the wild, wonderful world of structure…survival…and math.

Not only will you be entering the elite few who really get math, you'll find ways of using your major in a bunch of different fields.
Don't believe us?

In medicine, statistics are used in order to explain or warrant the possible use of a particular drug or treatment as well as recognizing whether it is having the desired effect. 

Baseball, football, basketball and other pro sports teams and companies have gotten the message that hiring someone with math and data gathering skills is a great way to get an unbiased look at current players, past games, and the patterns and standouts of both.

Then there's always the government. Governments and global decision makers hire mathematicians to do a multitude of jobs beyond sitting in a dimly lit room handling their taxes. Math majors in this field provide information and data about many areas of citizens' lives, such as their health, social problems, economic issues, and their environments.

You see? There are many careers just waiting new math major recruits, and the field is growing all the time.

Famous People who majored in Mathematics

  • Michael Jordan (switched from Math his junior year)
  • Teri Hatcher (with Engineering)
  • Art Garfunkel (Master’'s)
  • Danica McKellar
  • J.P. Morgan

Percentage of US students who major in Mathematics:


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