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In the old days, fighting was probably pretty simple. Once you knew how to use your fists, you were done. Then some bright person thought, "Hey, rocks are harder than fists. We should use those." Then someone else thought, "Hey, sharp rocks are even better than round ones." Thus, the arms race was begun.

In the march through history, weapons have gotten more and more complex. Presumably, every generation complains, first about how blunt rocks were good enough for them, then how spears are better than bows, and finally about how no one needs a phased plasma rifle in the forty-watt range. Technology's march is inevitable, though.

It's also a good thing. The high-tech equipment that we have now can save soldiers' lives. It can also make it easier to deal with targets in population centers without hurting anyone you don't want to. It can also be terrifying and dystopian, but that's what makes technology so much fun.

The fact is, a lot of this equipment is really complex—so complex that you would need a college degree even to understand it. As luck would have it, this is that college degree. Aren't you lucky? Found it the first time out.

This degree trains you for advanced or specialized (or often both) in the military. In many cases, it's a fast track to officer training. So if you're looking for the road to becoming a general (or even a specific), this is the place for you.

Maybe you just like the most advanced toys. Well, these aren't toys, but you get the point. You're learning how to use the most cutting-edge equipment. You're going to be trained in how to use them, and after that, you take over the world. Bwahaha.

Actually, no, they specifically ask you to not do that, and you have to listen…because military.

It's not just the physical tools, either. You're learning about strategy, tactics, intelligence—really all of the intellectual ideas that make the military function.

If the military life is something that has appealed to you, but you also wanted to get a good education, this is definitely a major to check out. You're going to be one of the vital parts of the military, and there's that track to officer school. This is like the cheat code for the Armed Forces, only it's not cheating…it's education.

While you learn how to use all this cool stuff and some other things that help with the understanding, you're also heading for the military. People love soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines. They just love every bit of them.

You're joining up to the United States Military, wearing all that snazzy camouflage, and then using equipment most people will never understand. It's the perfect combination of scientist and warrior. How does that not sound good?

Famous People who majored in Military Technology

  • Christopher F. Burne, lieutenant general for the U.S. Air Force

  • Frank A. Cipolla, brigadier general in the U.S. Army Reserve

  • George J. Trautman, III, retired deputy commandment for aviation of the USMC

  • James Bond, because you can't major in being suave…or can you?

  • Steve Rogers, our favorite underdog-turned-superhero

Percentage of US students who major in Military Technology:


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