A Wicked awesome major that will teach you The Importance of Being Earnest on stage.


It was Shakespeare who said, "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players."

They don't just study dance, cinematic arts, and theater, but practice it as well. These creative types write plays, perform short stories, and do all that jazz. Literally. They actually learn jazz. Sounds pretty sweet right?

Well…before you put on your dancing shoes and head down to the studio, you should know that graduates in this field have a tough time after college. Sure, a select few will make it big and head off to Hollywood to cash in on stellar looks and movie success, but the majority of them will have to scrape by to make ends meet. Performing arts majors deal with one of the toughest industries to be in once they're handed their diplomas, and some find it very draining—emotionally and financially.

We hate to be all down in the dumps, but we want to tell it like it is. Besides, many performing arts majors find steady work after a few years of bit jobs and waiting tables. They find a "home" theater in their area and get in good with the directors and artistic team.

Several work as actors, while others head backstage designing sets or directing the crew. There are plenty of roles for every theater production; it's just a matter of finding one. After you're in, you can usually live a pretty satisfied work life. You'll get to tell stories for a living while tapping into your inner goofball or perhaps master villain.

Performing arts majors have got passion and energy to spare, so why not share some with the world?

Percentage of US students who major in Performing Arts:


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