Not a people person? Work with animals instead.


A degree in zoology can lead to a bunch of different paths. And before you ask, yes, you can work in a zoo with this degree. That said, there are many other choices to pursue as well. The knowledge gained through obtaining this degree will help you understand cells, animal behavior, and even patterns of evolution. Oof, that got heavy really fast. If you've ever wondered why grizzlies are a top predator or how in the world marine snails are toxic, this is the course of study that will reveal those mysteries to you.

If you love biology-type sciences, you'll love zoology. You'll find that it isn't like a math major, where every class is called "Math 101" or "Calculus 500." Instead, you'll hit different biological science classes. So it is like having a concentration without one. Think of trying to be really accurate with a shotgun.

For many zoology majors, undergraduate work isn't the finish line, although that's the case with most sciences. You don't go into science for the easy way out, and if you did, you've made a huge mistake. Once you come to terms with grad school, put on your biology hat, because that's what you'll be doing for four years. Everything from micro- to macro-biology is fair game. Oh, that reminds us, what is and is not fair game can be your decision. Game wardens are often zoologists, which is sort of the opposite of working in a zoo. But, you know, whatever floats your boat.

Percentage of US students who major in Zoology:


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