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Computing Derivatives Terms

Get down with the lingo

Implicit Differentiation

Differentiation of an equation in which the dependent variable doesn't have a side of the equation all to itself.

Derivative Of A Function

The measurement of how f(x) changes at a point x.

Slope Of A Line

The change in the y-value of the line for a unit change in the x value.

Average Rate Of Change

The change in the function f(x) as x changes over an interval [a, b].

Instantaneous Rate Of Change

The change in the function f(x) at a point x.

Secant Line

A line joining two points on the graph of a function.

Tangent Line

A line that touches the graph of a function f(x) at a point.


If the limit exists, the function f(x) is differentiable at x = a.


A mathematical structure that has both magnitude and direction, represented by an ordered pair of components.

Magnitude Of A Vector

The length of a vector, denoted by || ||.

Direction Of A Vector

The counter-clockwise angle from the positive x-axis to the vector.

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