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Eros (Cupid)'s Wall


Ha! Joke's on you, Tiger.

Tiger Woods

I hate you so much.

Elin Nordegren

Don't blame him!!! Blame yourself!!!!

Tiger Woods

It was the arrow, Elin. It was the arrow!

Elin Nordegren

I'll tell you what you can do with that arrow!!

I love my job.

Hey pooches, remember Project Narcissus?


Green light!


<3 <3

Is missing his Psyche while he's in DC for the weekend.


Miss you too, babe. Behave yourself. lol

Yeah, right. ;) Here I come, Congress.

Gonna be in Hollywood tonight. Paparazzi be ready!


No more headlines…

I live for the headlines, babe.

Chariot racing tonight? xoxoxoxoxoxxxxxxx

Awww yeah. I'm gonna kick your butt.

likes this


Can I come?

No. Gods only.


But, I am a god now.

Not a real one.

Of course you can come, babe. Mom, behave.

Would you kindly stop RUINING the marriages I've worked so hard to bless?

Hey, lady, I'm just speeding up the inevitable.

No. You and your harpy are terrorizing the world.

EXCUSE ME, Hera? What? Does Zeus have a new mistress or something? Or did you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

Please, just kindly stay away from married couples, OK?

What will you give me?

Oh, you are such a baby.

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