Online Learning Platform for Schools

Provide a digital learning platform that moves beyond memorization and regurgitation.

online learning platform for schools online learning platform for schools

How do you give students content that they’ll enjoy and actually learn from?

Use learning sciences to increase engagement and effectiveness in your online courses.


You’ll choose what they learn using our digital learning platform for schools, they’ll choose how they learn with adaptable content and coursework that can be accessed anywhere.


Every student learns at a different rate. Provide additional learning resources on specific concepts or new skills they’re getting stuck on.


Courses are aligned to state and national standards and provide a complete, rigorous curriculum to meet graduation requirements.


Choose from thousands of relatable and engaging study guides, quizzes, videos, flashcards, tutorials, and more when you use our online learning platform for schools.


Use a full course or pull particular lessons from different units to create lesson plans tailored to classroom needs.


Not just “haha,” inspire “aha” moments by breaking down tough subjects into fun ones through proven learning sciences by implementing our online learning platform in your school.

  • English
  • Math
  • Literature
  • Science
  • History
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Language Arts

Built with Bloom’s taxonomy

Curriculum and coursework that focuses on higher-order skills

Virtual or in-person

Can be accessed anytime from anywhere

Personalization of digital curriculum

Always student-centric, adjustable content

Standards aligned

Alignment to common-core and state standards

Access to tons of content

Written in a style to keep students engaged

How it Works

Build a course for any subject

Step 1

Choose from tons of relevant content

Step 2

Add students to digital classrooms

Step 3

Create quizzes, assignments and projects

Step 4

Track and monitor student progress

Step 5

Get an in-depth look at how courses works

Heartbeat for Learners Heartbeat for Educators Heartbeat for District admins

How Our Digital Learning Platform for Schools Is Used

Students take courses at their own pace with guides to help them through every step of the process. With access to the dashboard, they can track progress, explore course materials, and complete activities with access to supporting content like study guides, educational videos, quizzes, flashcards, and more – all digital and all with the help of our online learning platform for schools.

Teachers can supplement their classrooms with Shmoop’s digital, interactive, and rigorous course material. Whether they’re teaching completely online or have face-to-face time with students, teachers can customize top courses and provide a personalized experience by putting the power of the classroom into a single online learning platform for schools.

Districts can supply educators with interactive and rigorous course material, electives, and credit recovery options, each with a virtual gradebook and analytics so your teachers can keep track of students’ progress, and you can keep track of theirs. This adaptable learning environment can be used anywhere your learners are.

Increase engagement and effectiveness with a dynamic learning environment.

FAQs for Our Online Learning Platform for Schools

What standards does Shmoop align with?

Shmoop is aligned with the Common Core as well as numerous state requirements, making our digital learning platform for schools integrate seamlessly with existing material.

How can they be used for credit recovery?

Shmoop offers a credit recovery option for ELA, math, history, and science courses. That means you can now identify your students' strengths and areas for improvement, allowing them to focus on the concepts they're struggling with. Students can relearn those concepts, pass an assessment, and recover their credit for a course.

How many courses does Shmoop have?

Shmoop has over 600 courses in our online learning platform for schools. You can check them all on our course catalog.

How are schools that are using Shmoop implementing our online courses?

Schools use Shmoop in person, virtually, and in a blended learning environment.

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