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Shmoop for Tennessee

From Dolly to Elvis, Aretha to Justin, ACT to TN Ready...Shmoop knows Tennessee. While few students actually like studying for standardized tests, they'll be singing a different tune thanks to Shmoop’s test preps for each of the high school TNReady End-of-Course assessments.

TN Ready and ACT® Test Prep

We know that you know that high quality instruction, challenging academic atmosphere, and a focus on critical thinking skills are the most important factors in improving test scores. However, our rigorous curriculum doesn’t ignore the importance of:

  • Data-driven content focus
  • Relieving test anxiety
  • Encouraging a college-ready culture
  • Student engagement (of course!)

In addition to Shmoop’s award-winning ACT® Test Prep, we provide a wealth of resources, practice tests, and drills for the TN Ready that will help you help your students be more prepared, every day, as well as the full suite of exam prep for every AP® Course.

We are data-driven!

No more waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, worrying about your schools’ progress--at least not when it comes to test prep! With Shmoop, you have 24-7 access to our amazing analytics and reporting suite, which will allow you to understand how much time is being spent in shmoop, progress statistics, and reporting--all at the student,classroom, school, or district level!

Speaking of data…

You don’t need to take our word for it! Check out these case studies touting the effectiveness of Shmoop:

Social-Emotional Learning & PBIS

After years of teaching them to be smart Americans, Shmoop’s PBIS courses are a chance to also teach empathy, conflict resolution, ethics, and community building. Tennessee truly can be America at its best.

  • Have the conversation: It starts by getting the teachers in a powwow to find out what issues (i.e., tardiness, bullying, disrespect, etc.) are most prevalent and needing to be addressed.
  • Create a curriculum: Tap into Shmoop’s teaching guides, online courses, and lesson plans to support your district’s specific social-emotional learning needs.Then, everyone works together to execute on these strategies (i.e., incentives, school-wide rules and routines, verbal praise, etc.)
  • Finally, look at the data: (e.g., number of office referrals) to see how things are working out and where you may need to shift focus.

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