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Shmoop for Texas

Everything's bigger in your state, especially your standards.That's why we have created so very, very many learning resources specific to the TEKS Standards.

Proclamation 2020 = Shmoop 2020

Okay, sure, it’s not a contest… however, for the 2020-2021 school year, nine of Shmoop’s courses were approved, which is the largest course selection of all approved publishers under Proclamation 2020. Texas put out a call for quality new language arts materials, and Shmoop delivered the following approved courses:

  • ELA 9: Introduction to Literature
  • ELA 10: World Literature ELA 11: American Literature
  • ELA 12: British Literature
  • African American Poetry
  • Greek and Roman Mythology
  • Journalism
  • Holocaust Literature
  • Reading for College Success

Contact Tim Kimbrell at for more information about adding Proclamation 2020 courses to your school or district in Texas

Texas Test Prep

While our tone is humorous and engaging for students, our materials are rigorous, personalized to each student, and will challenge them. Every specialized Texas test prep package includes a plethora of materials that have been successfully time-tested to drive positive outcomes. Shmoop’s test prep programs include the following:

  • Placement and diagnostic exams
  • Individualized study plans
  • Targeted drills
  • Comprehensive, in-depth topic review
  • Full-length, auto-graded practice exams

Shmoop offers prep for these Big Standardized Tests:

  • Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSI-A): covering Math, Reading and Writing
  • TX EOC (STAAR): including Algebra I, Biology, English I, English II and U.S. History
  • SAT® Test Prep
  • ACT® Test Prep
  • AP® Exam Prep
  • PSAT Test Prep

College readiness resources

Shmoop offers a vast amount of resources to prepare students for the post-high school experience. Our College Readiness resources include a deep dive into multiple colleges and majors, as well as information to help students survive those key four to seven years. In addition to our amazing free online resources, we offer several in-depth premium courses:

  • College and Career Readiness
  • Planning and Achieving College and Career Goals
  • Reading & Writing for College Success
  • Writing the College Application Essay
  • Critical Thinking and Study Skills
  • Digital Literacy

Life & career prep resources

Body: From changing a tire and buying auto insurance, to career profiles and trade school information, Shmoop will help youngsters prepare for all of life’s challenges, both scholastic and non. Along with our free resources, don’t forget about our online courses to prepare students for the real world:

  • Personal Finance 101
  • How to Write a Résumé
  • How to Write a Cover Letter

District partnerships in Texas:

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