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Norse Creation Myth Resources


BBC History: Vikings

Learn more about the culture behind the mythology.

BBC Primary History: Vikings

The BBC also provides info on Vikings for kids.

Summary of the Creation Myth

Here's a good summary of the creation myth, adapted from Snorri Sturluson's account in the Prose Edda.

Timeless Myths

Timeless Myth's account of the Norse creation story provides hyperlinks to further information on many of the characters and places involved.

Hurstwic Norse Mythology

The Hurstwic Society, whose mission is to educate people about the Viking Age, provides an illustrated summary of the Norse creation myth.


Thor: God of Thunder

The giant Ymir shows up as a villain in Thor, from Sega.


Creation of the World

A YouTube video about the Norse creation myth that's really well narrated. Pictures accompany the story.

Day Night, Sun Moon

A continuation of the above video, this time focusing on the creation of day and sun, the sun and the moon.

Thor: God of Thunder

Trailer for the Thor video game, in which Ymir is a villain.

Historical Documents

Poetic Edda: Völuspa

A prophetess gives her account of the creation of the Norse cosmos in this 13th-century poem from the anonymous Poetic Edda.

Poetic Edda: Vafþrúðnismál

When Odin journeys to the home of a giant, the question-and-answer game he plays there reveals details about the creation of the Norse cosmos.

Prose Edda: Gylfaginning

The first book of Snorri Sturluson's Prose Edda, the Gylfaginning (Tricking of Gylfi), contains a question-and-answer game in which Gylfi's questions reveal the nature of the Norse cosmos.


D'Aulaire's Book of Norse Myths

A classic of mythical anthologies, with beautiful artwork.

Kevin Crossley-Holland's The Norse Myths

Renowned young adult literature author Kevin Crossley-Holland tackles Norse mythology.

Images & Artwork (Copyrighted and Unsure)

Marvel Comics

Ymir as he appears in the Marvel Comics universe.

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