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Online Courses with Shmoop

Shmoop happens when content experts and experienced educators speak student and design rigorous and educational online courses. 

  • Standards-aligned lessons 
  • Innovative and engaging activities
  • Assessments which measure higher-level thinking and skills
  • A diverse offering of subjects and levels to fit the diverse needs of students

For students

You know that teacher who's been using the same unit since 1998? Yeah, we're not them. Instead, our courses actually break down what students need to know in ways they'll actually understand.

For teachers

Textbooks held together by duct tape? Worksheets causing more papercuts than a-ha moments? Lighten those backpack loads with Shmoop's digital, interactive, and challenging course material.

For schools and districts

Invest in a digital curriculum and introduce agility to your classrooms. We have over 400 courses to fit your needs.


Go digital

High School Courses

Expand on your curricula with our standards-aligned online courses. Along with the typical high school fare, Shmoop's 400+ courses offer subjects like Accounting to Young Adult Literature and everything in between.

Advanced Placement? Easy-peasy!

Online AP®Courses

Who's afraid of the College Board? Not us—well, maybe they are a little intimidating. But you need not fear with our AP certified courses (not to mention our AP® test prep too!)

ACE® Recommended Courses

Earn College Credit

Go beyond simply preparing for college; earn college credit through nearly 70 ACE certified courses. (As for online toga parties, you're on your own.)

Who needs a textbook?

Spice up traditional education with Shmoop's online courses.



Language Arts

Social Studies





And so much more! Like 400 courses. Seriously. We have what you're looking for.

Shmoopify your learning tools

What makes our courses awesome?

  • Personalized learning
    It's a Shmoop buffet! A reading from here. An activity from there. Customize a course to fit a student’s or teacher’s needs.
  • Easy grading
    Auto-scored multiple choice tests (which provide answer explanations too!) Easy-to-score rubrics for short-answer questions, essays, and projects!
  • Pairs with your LMS
    Shmoop courses connect easily to your schools LMS. Don’t have an LMS? Use Ours!

Invest in a digital curriculum.

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