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The Shining

The Shining


by Stephen King

The Shining Resources


The Official Website of Stephen King

This site is a great resource for all things King.

The Haven Foundation

If you like the idea of Stephen King giving you money so you can write some books, this is the website you've been looking for.


Welcome to King's nightmare!

The Stanley Hotel

The Overlook is based on this gorgeous Colorado hotel. King started writing The Shining in the Stanley's Room 217. The hotel makes no secret of the fact that it's totally haunted. Be sure and take their ghost tour…if you dare…

Movie or TV Productions

Stanley Kubrick's The Shining

This frighteningly famous film from 1980, starring Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance, is much different from the novel. But it's visually stunning and well worth watching. If you never seen it, now's the time to change that.

Stephen King's The Shining

King's made-for-TV adaptation stars Stephen Weber and is much closer to the novel. It provides a whole world of threatening thrills.


The Life and Times of Stephen King

This page is loaded with interviews, reviews, and King's own writing.

"On Predicting Violence"

When is violent writing too violent? King has some answers.

"Video Game Lunacy"

King's take on video game censorship, from 2007.

Salon.com Interview

"The horror master talks about the latent violence of males, childhood terror and an 'odious little man' named Kenneth Starr.'"

"Something Nasty in the Tub"

Richard R. Lingeman reviews The Shining in 1977 for the New York Times.


King on the BBC

In this interview, King talks about his first novel, Carrie, which his wife Tabitha rescued from the wastebasket.

The Shining in 30 Seconds

A parody the Kubrick's The Shining re-enacted by bunnies in 30 seconds.

Can't get enough of Kubrick's The Shining?

Watch Vivian Kubrick's The Making of the Shining for free.

An Interview with Danny

An interview with the actor who played Danny in Kubrick's film. We promise this is totally adorable.

Sing on King, Sing on

King sings with his band, The Rock Bottom Remainders.

From Bestseller Under the Dome

We find King's reading voice extremely soothing.



Here's Looking at You King

Or, rather, King's looking at you. And he is. So behave.

A King Photo Gallery

This is from his website, and includes, among other things, a shot of King with his first car.

Jack Torrance

The classic image of Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance in Kubrick's film.

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