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George Elsey in Truman Doctrine

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George Elsey

In case you were wondering, George Elsey is the second half of that Clifford-Elsey Report we've mentioned a few times throughout this guide.

Elsey, along with Acheson and Clark Clifford, was an important Truman advisor. He was also a historian working on his Ph.D. at Harvard when he was assigned to the White House as an aid to FDR. After Roosevelt died, however, Elsey became an assistant under Clark Clifford, where he got to do some pretty cool thingsā€¦like help write the TD and other pieces of foreign policy legislation.

Side note: thanks to Elsey's history background, he knew how to recognize major historical events in the making and go about preserving records of them. As a result, we history buffs now have access to insider stories about the allied invasion of Normandy as well as the drafting of everyone's favorite foreign policy doctrine of 1947. Thanks, George.

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