Study Guide

Frankenstein Chapter 10

By Mary Shelley

Chapter 10

  • Victor feels awful. Then it rains.
  • He goes up to the top of Montanvert to see the views, since looking at sublime views has a way of cheering him up.
  • Brain Snack: Montanvert is one of three glaciers on Mont Blanc, a big honking mountain in the Swiss Alps. In 1816, Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote a whole poem about how sublime and awesome Mont Blanc is. (Well, that's the short version. The long version has to do with the awesomeness of poets, i.e. Shelley.)
  • Anyway, instead of cheering up, Victor sees the monster.
  • Victor threatens to essentially kick the monster's butt, but the monster looks like The Rock.
  • The monster, despite everything, invites Victor to come to a cave to talk with him by a fire. FIRE. Look out for that Prometheus reference.
  • The monster talks eloquently, so Victor consents to listen to his life story. We know what you're thinking. Uh-oh —are we in for another "Chapter One: I am Born?" No. This guy is a lot more interesting than Victor.

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