Study Guide

Frankenstein Chapter 11

By Mary Shelley

Chapter 11

  • Here's the monster's story:
  • When he's born (i.e., wakes up), he realizes that he's alone with no idea how he got there.
  • Slowly, he learns about the world through his senses. One of the first things he learns is that fire is good (it keeps you warm) and bad (it hurts if you touch it).
  • He tries to get food by going into a hut, but the inhabitants scream in fear and run out. The same thing happens to him every time he goes into a village, or actually, anywhere people live.
  • The monster realizes that people hate him because he's ugly. It's pretty sad.
  • Finally, he finds a small hovel near a cottage and settles in there, watching the family, which consists of a blind old man, and two younger people.

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