Study Guide

Frankenstein Chapter 12

By Mary Shelley

Chapter 12

  • The monster stays in the hovel all winter and starts to really like the family he's stalking.
  • He steals food from them until he realizes that they're poor. Then, he finds food in the woods instead and helps them out by working at night to clear snow or find firewood.
  • Why? Because he's a genuine, nice guy. Seriously. The monster is one of the kindest, most helpful people we see in this book.
  • Apparently, the two younger people are named Felix and Agatha. And they have a magical skill: they can communicate using sounds.
  • Yep, they can talk. The monster listens to them until he starts to learn their language.
  • Of course Felix and Agatha are beautiful, and the monster gets really upset when he looks at his reflection in a pond and remembers how hideous he is and how no one will ever love him.

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