Study Guide

Frankenstein Chapter 23

By Mary Shelley

Chapter 23

  • The newlyweds go for a walk around their cottage, but Victor has the I'm-about-to-fight-a-monster wedding night jitters.
  • Inside the cottage, he sends Elizabeth to bed so he can search the house for the monster. Uh, we're pretty sure this isn't how a wedding night is supposed to go down.
  • And in the grand tradition of horror movies everywhere, splitting up is a majorly bad idea.
  • He hears Elizabeth scream. It suddenly hits Victor what we've all known for chapters now: the monster didn't want to kill him. He wanted to kill Elizabeth.

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  • (If you're keeping track, this brings the body count up to four.)
  • Poor Victor really hates himself at this point. He goes home to Geneva to tell his father the sad news, and the man drops dead from grief. That makes five.
  • Just like the monster he created, Victor is now alone and miserable.
  • He goes to a magistrate to try and tell him about the monster and Elizabeth's death, but the magistrate obviously doesn't believe him and probably thinks seriously about locking the guy up.
  • Since Victor has nothing left to live for, he decides to spend the rest of his life hunting down the monster.