Study Guide

Frankenstein Chapter 7

By Mary Shelley

Chapter 7

  • Back at school, Victor gets a letter from Dad. It's not good news: it seems that someone has murdered his little brother, William.
  • He leaves for Geneva immediately, but he arrives too late, and the gates of the city have been closed for the night.
  • Victor lurks around the woods near where his brother was killed.
  • He sees the monster he created for a moment. Aha! It must be the monster's crime. Obviously. Because the monster is ugly.
  • No one else has seen this monster or knows anything about it.
  • At home the next day (the gates have been opened by now), Victor finds out that Justine has been accused of the murder because she has a picture of Caroline in her pocket —the same picture William had with him right before he died.
  • Victor and Elizabeth are the only ones who think Justine is innocent. Well, Justine, too.
  • But Victor won't tell anyone why, because he's afraid to be labeled a crazy person.

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