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Infinity: Chronicles of Nick Fate and Free Will

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Fate and Free Will

When you're in high school, you feel like everything is out of your control. You still have to do everything your parents tell you to do. You have a rigid class schedule to obey. And you're always worried about turning evil and destroying the world, even though your fate might be ultimately out of your control.

For Nick Gautier in Infinity, he not only has to deal with all the typical teenage stuff, but he also has to worry about getting a little too angry…because that very well might destroy the lives of everyone he loves. However, this is fate and free will we're talking about. Where does the free will come in? Well, Ambrose is an alternate version of Nick who is trying to change what happened in the past. Maybe Nick can change his destiny after all?

Questions About Fate and Free Will

  1. What do you think Nick's fate is?
  2. Does Nick make changes to his fate during the course of the book? Or does he fail to change anything at all?
  3. Why does Ambrose want to change Nick's destiny? Would changing Nick's decisions cause Ambrose to cease to exist?

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