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Personalized Learning

Shmoop’s Heartbeat, Test Readiness and Intervention programs support student equity and achievement. These solutions reduce the time needed for 1:1 meetings and enable teachers to create learning experiences that meet individual student needs.


Supplement, speed up, and bring more depth to 1:1 student/teacher conversations through insights and actions that tie non-academic factors the academic factors.

Test Readiness

Customized drills, tailored lesson plans, and practice tests designed to help students work on topics that align to their own individual areas needing improvement.


Supports Social Emotional Learning and Multi-Tiered System of Supports. From preventing problems to solving them, our intervention framework is designed to ease the stress of those tricky situations.

"I really like doing the videos as a whole class instruction and we have discussions following them for better understanding."

- Nikki, High School Teacher

Course Customization

Create a unique syllabus for any course. In Shmoop’s 400 courses, you have the flexibility to customize your class content, leverage built-in rubrics, and access extension options to fit the needs of your classroom.

Enable Student Flexibility

Adjust exam times, monitor personalized learning programs, and communicate with your students online.

Leverage Digital Gradebooks

Shmoop’s digital gradebook is equipped with comments, rubrics, and search capabilities.

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Test Readiness

Enables 1:1 personalized test prep experiences through a diagnostic approach. Teachers can tap into:

Test item analysis

Skill reporting

Custom assignments

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Tustin High School doubles AP® pass rates with Shmoop's Test Readiness Program.

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Utilize Shmoop’s ELA and Math intervention solutions, focused on 3rd-8th grade Common Core based concepts.

Diagnostic Driven

Assess a student’s skills in each subject area. Concept difficulty increases or decreases based on the individual student’s skill set.

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