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One Crazy Summer Timex

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Have you ever met one of those people who has a schedule all the time? We're all for being punctual, but Delphine takes things to the next level when it comes to schedules. Her trusty Timex helps her keep track of where she needs to be. She even has the bedtime routine down pat: There are twelve minutes of baths at night spread between Delphine and her sisters, in case you were wondering.

Delphine's watch is important to her because it helps her keep her airtight schedule. This is one of the ways Delphine isn't kid-like—she can't just hang or see where her day takes her, instead planning out each moment. When she doesn't have anywhere to be, she claims, "It just felt strange, my Timex ticking and me having nothing to do" (15.10). Delphine, to be clear, never just chills. She's always so worried about keeping stuff on schedule that she misses out on her life. In this way, the Timex doesn't just show us how organized Delphine is; it shows us how rigid she is about life.

It isn't until she goes on the go-kart that Delphine's finally able to appreciate a good time. When she does speeding down the hill, Delphine experiences "letting go and time not ticking but racing away" (29.41). And you know what? She has a blast as time eludes her grasp. Because of this, Delphine learns to let go a little and live. There'll be time for schedules and rules later on in life.

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