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The Lost Hero Chapter 11

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Chapter 11


  • Leo heads away from camp and starts to think about his childhood.
  • He remembers his aunt, Tía Callida, trying to kill him over and over. No really—she put him in a fire, she tried to get him to poke a rattlesnake… but no one arrested her or intervened. (Leo wasn't hurt by the fire, by the by, because he has flame powers.)
  • Leo remembers drawing a flying boat when he was five. The wind blew the picture away though. Then Callida said he should make a fire, and he melted all the crayons, which freaked his mother out when she found him.
  • Leo figures that Tía Callida was Hera (hopefully you'd figured that out already too.)
  • Leo then remembers his mom, who was a mechanical engineer. She told him he'd meet his dad someday; she seems to have known that his dad was Hephaestus.
  • We then go to the night Leo's mom died. His mom went into the warehouse where she worked, and the doors closed and locked. A creepy old woman in clothes made of earth appeared and told Leo she was going to break his spirit.
  • Leo attacked her by generating flames, blacked out, and when he woke his mom was dead and the warehouse had burned down. Yikes.
  • Leo's back in the present, and hears Callida's voice telling him it wasn't his fault. Then he plunges into the woods promising to avenge his mom's death by face-planting the creepy evil woman. So much for breaking his spirit, creepy evil woman. Take that.

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