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The Lost Hero Chapter 5

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Chapter 5


  • Will Solace, a demigod son of Apollo, shows Leo around the camp. Leo thinks the camp is super-cool—there are warships and blowtorches and lots of pretty girls, though not necessarily in that order.
  • They talk about Cabin Nine, where Hephaestus's children go. There's supposed to be curse on it.
  • Leo sees his Aunt, Tía Callida, outside one of the cabins. Will doesn't see her and suggests that Leo is overtired.
  • And on to Cabin Nine, which is filled with electronic wizardry and gadgets since Hephaestus's kids like to build things.
  • Jake Mason is the head counselor; he's in a body cast after an accident (that curse again). He gives Leo the bunk that Charles Beckendorf—the old head counselor, who dies—used to have. Oh goodie.
  • The bed is sort of supposed to be bad luck, but it also has an entrance to a secret underground room, so that's cool.

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