Study Guide

The Year of Billy Miller Part 2, Chapter 1

By Kevin Henkes

Part 2, Chapter 1


  • It's October now, which means school is well underway. Actually, life sounds pretty great for the Millers. It's the weekend and Mama is making a yummy breakfast with Sal. Plus Papa's been working on some cool art projects in the garage, too.
  • When Billy checks out how his dad took an old cello and stuck mannequin arms in it, our main man thinks this artwork is neato burrito. But the big bummer is that Papa doesn't seem super pleased, so that stinks. In fact, he's grumpy as can be.
  • That afternoon Ned is coming over because it's diorama time (a.k.a. when you take a box and build a miniature model inside it). Remember when Billy's class was learning about animal habitats and he drew a bat cave? (Hop back to Part 1, Chapter 5 for the full scoop and then meet us back here.) Well now he gets to make a model of a bat cave with his diorama, which is pretty cool.
  • Sal wants to join in the diorama fun, too, so she fetches the Drop Sisters to be her sidekicks.