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The Wee Free Men Exploration

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We love a good adventure, and The Wee Free Men is filled with all sorts of fantastic exploits—which is to be expected when your main character follows a band of merry blue warriors into a new world in order to save her youngest brother. In the course of her travels, Tiffany gets to explore the different terrains of Fairyland, which are all weird dreamscapes. But more importantly, she gets to explore her inner self—and what she finds is pretty incredible.

Questions About Exploration

  1. Is Tiffany scared or resistant to the idea of leaving her farm and going off to find Wentworth?
  2. What is so strange about the landscape in Fairyland?
  3. How does Tiffany eventually navigate her way through all the confusing dreams?

Chew on This

The Queen snatching Wentworth doesn't so much add a complication to Tiffany's life as it provides her the opportunity to break out of the confines of her boring life to go on an exciting journey.

The inner exploration of self that Tiffany goes through is far more important than any of the physical exploration—she learns who she truly is and where her strengths are over the course of the novel.

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