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The Wee Free Men The Home

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The Home

If Tiffany were to steal a line out of a movie, she'd probably take one from The Wizard of Oz and wax poetic about how there's "no place like home." After all, in The Wee Free Men, Tiffany gets transported to a fantastically magical place—and it's no fun at all. The whole quest that she goes on is about restoring normalcy to her home; she needs to bring Wentworth back so that her family is complete again. And at the end, Tiffany is happily settled in the Chalk once more, looking forward to a long life of protecting the land and making cheese.

No seriously—that's what she wants to do forever.

Questions About The Home

  1. Why does Tiffany change her mind about how boring home is by the end?
  2. If Fairyland is where the pictsies are from, why do they end up going into the real world?
  3. Does Roland want to go home when Tiffany finds him? Why or why not?

Chew on This

Although Tiffany yearns for adventure at the very beginning of the book, by the end she finds that there's plenty of adventure to be found at home.

The pictsies may not have a specific place that they call home anymore, but it's obvious by the end that they're happy wherever they are as long as they have their big familial clan with them.

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