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12 Monkeys Teddy, Fale, and Bee (LisaGay Hamilton, Felix A. Pire, and Matthew Ross)

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Teddy, Fale, and Bee (LisaGay Hamilton, Felix A. Pire, and Matthew Ross)

Teddy, Fale, and Bee are Jeffery Goines' lackeys in the Army of the 12 Monkeys, and these three should really learn to assert themselves. They just let people walk all over them.

We first meet them when Cole believes he's found the hideout of the Army of the 12 Monkeys. Cole barges in and ties them up, and they spill their guts about their association with Goines. To be fair, Cole has a gun and can be pretty intimidating even without one. We'd tell him what he wants to know, too.

They claim they have broken ties with Goines because his methods were too extreme, and they felt his actions were counterproductive to the cause.

Later, Goines manages to reassert himself as their leader. Fale in particular seems concerned that a crazy person is leading them while his kidnapped psychiatrist is knocking at their door to talk.

But we don't find out what becomes of them—this is the last we see the three. They don't join Goines in his "master plan," which, spoiler warning, technically is a plan but the qualifier "master" seems a bit much. So it's probably good they skipped.

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