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Ferris Bueller's Day Off Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

Jeanie Embraces Her Inner Chuck Norris

  • Back at the Bueller house, Rooney begrudgingly intercepts a flower delivery from the English Department Faculty and Staff. He trots off to ambush the dog.
  • On her way home, Jeanie stops and gets out of her car. The water tower has been repainted to read "Save Ferris."
  • Rooney celebrates his triumph over the dog, having dropped the flowerpot on its head.
  • Jeanie speeds into the driveway and runs into the house. Rooney hears the car. Jeanie heads straight upstairs to Ferris's room to confirm her suspicion that her brother's faking it. "I knew it!" she roars. Rooney makes for the front door.
  • On the phone, Jeanie tries to get a hold of her mom while Rooney enters the house. Jeanie hears the front door, and then she creeps downstairs to see who's in her house.
  • Jeanie and Rooney skulk toward each other, both thinking they're about to catch Ferris.
  • They come face to face in the kitchen. Eek. Jeanie screams and kicks Rooney in the face, knocking him out, before she dashes back upstairs. Outside, Rooney's car gets a ticket.
  • Meanwhile, Ferris, Cameron, and Sloane wait for their car at the parking garage. They don't see the attendants pull the Ferrari in from the street. This car hasn't been in the garage at all, but everything looks good to the kids, even Cameron thinks so, and they take off for the suburbs.
  • Once they're gone, the attendants do a little happy dance and proclaim that they'll have to do that again sometime.
  • Back at home, Jeanie's on the phone with the police station. She reports the intruder, and they tell her they hope her brother's feeling better. Jeanie gets salty and hangs up.
  • Outside, Rooney's ride is getting towed. Inside, Rooney cleans off in the sink. Jeanie threatens him over the home intercom. Rooney leaves the house, unknowingly dropping his wallet on the kitchen floor. He walks outside just in time to see his car being pulled away, his keys still dangling in the door. He frantically limps down the street after the tow truck. This is what Frankenstein would look like if he ran a 5K.

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