Spotter's Guide

You'll have a hard time getting an appointment with Achilles. As one of the most famous warriors of all time, his schedule is usually booked. He lives in a gated community down in Elysium, the city of the blessed dead, and security around him is pretty tight—his Myrmidon security team definitely doesn't allow any trespassers. But if you stand outside the gate, you might be able to catch a glimpse of him. He'll be the smokin' hot guy in gleaming armor, zooming by in a chariot. We recommend you do not run up to him for an autograph. He's also famous for his nasty temper, and he doesn't like paparazzi. So if you don't want to get skewered with a spear and dragged behind his chariot like Hector, you'd better mind your P's and Q's when trying to scope out this mega-star of the Trojan War.

Sex: Male
Age: Late teens
Build: Totally ripped
Complexion: Bronze
Hair Color: Blonde
Facial Hair: Clean-shaven
Scars/marks/tattoos: None
Jewelry and accessories: None
Clothing: He's an all armor all the time kind of guy (except for a brief stint of cross-dressing)
Armor: Gleaming armor, forged by Hephaestus
Type of Weapon: Spears, swords, shields

Typical Companions:

Patroclus (His BFF and possibly his lover)
The Myrmidons (His loyal soldiers)

Known Hangouts:

The Cave of Chiron (Where he was educated)
The Court of Lycomedes (Where he tried to dodge the Trojan War by dressing as a girl)
Troy (Where he kicked major butt until he died)
Elysium (The land of the blessed dead, where he mostly hangs out by his pool)

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