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Apophis - Pyromaniacs

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Mostly Apophis is content to hang out in the darkness all by himself and plot his next move against Seth in the battle to destroy Ra's boat, but sometimes, he likes setting fires. (In ancient Egypt, snakes/serpents and fires go together. It's a thing.) He's not the only arsonist at school, either—other kids who've ended up with detention for pulling the fire alarm include:

Nusku (Girru)

In Mesopotamia, Nusku wasn't just hot—he was fire itself! The Babylonians and Assyrians worshipped him in the form of both fires and lamps. While Nusku can use his lamp to protect people from the demons under their beds at night, he can also use it to light a couple of wastebasket fires on the way to the lunchroom. So, you know, watch out.

Hephaestus (Vulcan)

If you're the Greek and Roman god of crafting and blacksmithing, what's the thing you need most besides metal? That's right: fire. Hephaestus loves fire, whether it's the fire that melts steel for swords, the molten fiery lava of volcanoes, or just a little blaze to melt marshmallows over while he and Apophis share stories about how much they hate their mothers.


Normally, Sekhmet would be trying to kill Apophis with her fire-breathing cobra hat, or just trying to claw out his eyes with her lioness claws, because that's what the ancient Egyptian goddess of divine vengeance does. But everybody knows that if you keep Sekhmet drunk enough, she won't know what's going on.

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