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There’s a series of cool science fiction videos about space. Instead of just being educational documentaries, they take place on an imaginary spaceship called the Serapis.

To add to the pile of other metal bands named for Egyptian gods, Sleep Serapis Sleep is the name of a death metal band from Wisconsin. We think maybe Serapis wouldn’t get a lot of sleep if he were listening to this, though.

For those who’d rather deal with something not quite so… loud, there’s another band, just called Serapis, which plays rock and blues. Maybe this’d be easier for the god to sleep to?

The British lost a ship named the HMS Serapis to Captain John Paul Jones (the war hero, not the rock star, silly) during the Revolutionary War. As the USS Serapis, it continued to smack down the British, and even pirates, until it exploded and sank off Madagascar in 1781. In 1999, her wreckage was located, and a sweet website was born.

For a long time, scholars were confused by some Roman letters that suggested early Christians worshipped Serapis as well as Jesus Christ. Turns out it was all one big misunderstanding, though. One of Serapis’s titles is Chrestes, which sounds a lot like Christos (the Greek name for Jesus) to Roman ears.

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