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Seshat - Science Club

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Science Club

Why do these gods and goddesses tinker with beakers and test tubes and chemical compounds? For science, of course! Thanks to Seshat's friend Neith, they've even got matching lab coats.

Hephaestus (Vulcan) 

This god is like the Greek Pantheon's Q (James Bond, anyone?). If they need some awesome gadget or vehicle, all they have to do is ask, and he can create it. Hephaestus has come up with some impressive inventions from his forge. Thoth is just glad that he's not good looking, or he might actually have some competition for Seshat!


Ireland's god of all trades is a busy guy in this clique. He does everything—because he's good at everything. Really. That's his entire power as a god. And perfection can't hurt in a group that's doing science!


He's not a god, but he's so brilliant that they let him into the Science Fair without question. After the Icarus experiment, though, nobody's letting Daedalus anywhere near the flight simulator.

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