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Whether helping students reach that A+ or preparing for a big test, Shmoop's solutions target each student's unique needs and support the tutors who help them get there.

Learn how tutors use Shmoop for:

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Personalized Learning

Make learning personal with 1:1 learning strategies through Shmoop’s tools and resources.

Study Guides

Over 1,000 guides across popular literature and every school subject that a written in a tone that students understand.

Diagnostic Test Readiness

This diagnostic approach provides tutors and students with the data that help shape a customized test prep program for each student.

Customizable course material

Pick and choose learning units and assignments to work through with your students in Shmoop's 400 online courses.

"I chose to use Shmoop to get my ears wet, and I'm really enjoying your site. I appreciate Shmoop for providing the opportunity to help me achieve my objective."

- Anthony, Facilities Manager and Student

Better Grades

Humor, storytelling, and visually-stimulating materials target student knowledge retention and engagement, which aim at improving grades and the learning process.

Study Tools

From essay writing to math mastery, Shmoop’s study tools make the learning process more fun and easy to understand!

Study Guides

Thousands of study materials covering literature, poetry, mythology and more!

Test Readiness

Leap into a fresh, personalized learning environment that simplifies the tutoring process and drives student outcomes.

Diagnostic testing shows you exactly where students need the most work

Practice drills and practice tests mirror the actual exam

Answer explanations simplify the route to understanding

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