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Prepping for your AP exam and not sure where to start? Take a diagnostic exam to figure out what works, what doesn't, and what you need to do to get the scores of your dreams.

  • Extreme topic review (for the extreme student).

  • Practice drills to drill concepts into your brain.

  • Multiple full-length practice exams to get that full-length experience.

  • Test-taking tips and strategies from experts who know what they're talking about.

  • Step-by-step guides to taking down essay questions.

  • Chances to earn Shmoints, climb the leaderboard, and win Shmoop gear.

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In a world where test prep crushes students' souls and empties administrators' pockets, one company has answered the call... SHMOOP!

We now offer guides for every AP exam that mankind has ever concocted. So if you don't see the one you're looking for, evil Internet demons have invaded your computer and are holding the guide hostage in exchange for your immortal soul. Try rebooting your system.

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Want to add some rhetorical flourishes to your writing? Do tenses make you… tense? Let Shmoop guide you through all things English, so it doesn't feel like Greek.

Shmoop’s guide to the AP English Literature exam will help you navigate the murky waters of literature. It’s okay – the pool guy gets here on Tuesday.

Calculus is a beast. But Shmoop is a beauty. Grab your talking candlestick and join us for a math adventure.

Shmoop is all about world domination, and our AP guide to World History is a good place to start. Next up – Idaho.

We could show you some stats that prove how important it is that you buy Shmoop’s guide to the AP Statistics Exam, but you’d have to buy the guide first. It’s a bit of a Catch-22.

Shmoop’s guide to AP Chemistry has all the elements you need to dilute your exam anxiety and compound your chem knowledge. Now if you’ll excuse us, we need to take an emergency shower.

Want our world to be here in 50 years? Better take Shmoop’s AP Environmental Science guide. And if you print it out… please recycle.

Couldn’t recognize Newtonian mechanics if it chucked an apple at your head? Shmoop’s guide to AP Physics B will have you jumping for joy. Fortunately, gravity will bring you back to Earth.

Dying to know if Renaissance babies really did have weirdly muscular triceps? Or how many of them flew around carrying miniature bows and arrows? Look no further than Shmoop’s AP Art History guide.

Don’t underestimate the power of the only AP exam that isn’t actually a test. Check out our guide to kicking butt on your AP Studio Art portfolio. We’ll try to leave a good impressionism on you.

Inject your French skills with a little je ne sais quoi with Shmoop’s guide to the AP French language exam. You’ve got this thing in the baguette.

If you want to wrap your head around physics using rotational dynamics, Shmoop’s guide to AP Physics C has you covered.

We’re hoping our guide to the AP Music Theory exam will strike a chord with you. And we’ll try not to leave things on a sour note.

Shmoop’s guide to the AP German Language and Culture exam is the schnitzel. We urge you not to check out the exams published by our competitors. They’re the wurst.

Sun Tzu said: The art of Shmoop is of vital importance to the AP student. The Art of Shmoop (500 BCE)

Christopher Columbus isn’t just a Hollywood director. AP US History takes you all the way back to the days when Christopher Columbus was nothing but a catchy name.

Are you familiar with a system of checks and balances? And no, it’s not just about getting your checkbook to stay on your chin for ten seconds without touching it. Although… we’re impressed.

You do not want to check out Shmoop’s guide to the AP Psychology exam. (We were using AP Reverse Psychology. See what we did there?)

Shmoop’s guide to AP Biology has all of the answers you need in one convenient package… just like bacteriophage DNA.

¿Quieres agregar algunas florituras retoricas a tu estilo de escribir? Shmoop’s guide to the AP Spanish Language exam will put a little more beef in your burrito.

With Shmoop’s AP European History guide, you’ll see London, you’ll see France… and, well… we don’t want to give it away.

Check out Shmoop’s AP Macroeconomics guide for a crash course in real-world issues. Hopefully, it will be the only “crash” you ever experience. We’re looking at you, stock market.

Are you a super-fan of mankind? Yeah, we kinda like us, too. Check out Shmoop’s guide to AP Human Geography to find out what we’re all about.

Like our guide to AP Macroeconomics, but smaller. Great for carrying around in your pocket.

Don Quixote wasn’t nearly as scary as Don Corleone. Despite how wildly he attacked windmills. Check out Shmoop’s AP Spanish Literature exam and meet the whole cast of characters.

Don your toga, cross the Rubicon and ready yourself for battle with Shmoop’s guide to the AP Latin exam. Venite, Shmoopite, Vincite!

It’s a Republic, not a Reprivate. Shmoop’s AP Comparative Government guide will take a look at all sorts of different politics and governments, and shed some light on what works and what doesn’t. If our light burns out, we’ll just have the taxpayers buy us a new one.

Be a fierce Bashō
Karate chop the exam
Shmoop Japanese guide

Sneak peek into AP Italian: pasta means pasta and pizza means pizza. All this and more in our guide to the exam.

Let Shmoop's guide to the AP Computer Science A exam upload a success application right into your brain.

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