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Apollo and Daphne

In a Nutshell

Have you ever fallen desperately, madly in love with somebody?

Have you known someone who has gone totally love crazy?

Have you ever been turned into a tree?

We're guessing the answer to at least one of these questions is yes. It's not just ducks and gorillas that spend a ton of time hunting for a mate – humans do, too. And sometimes, when the right person comes along, we go completely berserk.

The myth of "Apollo and Daphne" is proof positive that the ancient Greeks weren't any different than we are today. When Apollo is struck by Cupid's arrow, he goes crazy over a hot young nymph named Daphne. If only they'd had Match.com back then, maybe he could've figured out before chasing her all over the place that they just weren't meant to be. Of course, when Cupid strikes, no amount of Internet matchmaking advice can ever really stand in the way.


Shmoop Connections

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  • Roman poet Ovid wrote down many Greco-Roman myths, including the story of "Apollo and Daphne" in his epic poem called The Metamorphoses.
  • In Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, two gals and two guys fall in and out of love with the help of a magic love potion. Just like in the story of "Apollo and Daphne," love makes people go crazy and wreaks havoc on their lives. Shakespeare even name-checks Apollo and Daphne in the play.

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