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Cannery Row

Cannery Row


by John Steinbeck

Mack Timeline and Summary

  • Mack convinces Lee Chong to rent him the warehouse in the back of his store.
  • The gang moves in and gradually get the place all spiffy, with the help of a few found—or "liberated"—items.
  • Mack and the boys decide to throw Doc a party and fund it by going on a frog hunting expedition.
  • After they finally get Lee Chong's beat-up old car running, they're off to the country.
  • They return with frogs beyond their wildest dreams and a few good stories about almost burning down some guy's house.
  • Mack and the boys throw Doc a wild party. Problem is, Doc's not there to enjoy it.
  • After spending a while as social outcasts, they decide to try the whole party idea again. This time it's a success.