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College 101

Three Financial Aid Myths
Article Type: Quick and Dirty

Before we get into where to find financial aid and the eye-gougingly awful process of applying for it, let's debunk a few financial aid myths.

 1. Financial aid is free money. Truth is, sometimes it is, and sometimes it ain't. Know which side of the line any and all financial aid offers you receive fall on before saying “yes” and going out to celebrate with a virgin strawberry daiquiri.

2. You are only eligible for financial aid during your senior year of high school. Lies! Doesn't matter if you're a high school fish, sophomore, or junior, there are scholarships out there you can apply for. And wouldn't it be lovely if you could secure all the money you need to pay for college before you ever send in an application?

3. Only straight-A students and athletes receive financial aid. Nope. Every single student under the age of twenty-four who still relies on their parents for da moneyz is eligible for at least some student loans from the Department of Education. Heck, you might even be the perfect candidate for a grant. Do your homework, and see what you qualify for.

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