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College 101

Twelve Simple Things You Need To Know
Article Type: Checklist

  1. Your full name. This one's a gimme.
  2. Your e-mail address. If you're using an e-mail address that will make you a standing joke in the admissions office of your dream school (*cough*iheartbieber@hotmail.com*cough*), then get a handle you won't be embarrassed by before you start filling out applications.
  3. Your social security number. If you haven't already memorized this, it's time you put on your big-boy pants and do so, because you're going to be using it a lot.
  4. Your intended major. Your response isn't set in stone, so don't wig out when you get to this bit.
  5. The address of your high school. Do not put “P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney”. This is real life, not “Finding Nemo”.
  6. Your senior year courses. Try not to wish you'd taken Calc instead of Advanced Art.
  7. Your graduation date. Can't get here soon enough, can it?
  8. Your high school code. Hint: it's a six-digit number, the same one you used when you took the SAT.
  9. The name of your counselor and his/her e-mail address.
  10. The names of your English and Mathematics teachers and their e-mail addresses.
  11. Your GPA.
  12. Your SAT or ACT scores. Again, don't lie here. Colleges receive copies of your test scores. They will know…

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