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Original online content created by experienced educators who also happen to be hysterically funny. Twisted. Whatever. (Warning: you might need a pants-change halfway through a lesson. What can we say? We're good with a punchline.)

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We have quizzes, tests, and ticklish activities that challenge and engage students. Our courses include absolutely everything students need to become Jedi Masters of their Forces.

Adaptable, Accessible, Affordable

For a fraction of the price, our high-quality, engaging content is available to districts and students everywhere — and we mean everywhere. (Live on top of a mountain? No problem. If you've got internet, you've got our courses.)

Common Core Compliant

Fully-aligned with the Common Core State Standards. Now teachers can concentrate on teaching instead of... aligning. (Leave that to your chiropractor.)

U.S. History & Language Arts

We have year-long core courses for U.S. History and English Language Arts, running the gamut of topics from the Columbian Exchange through world building in Harry Potter. Yep. You read that right.

Math, Science, & Electives

More courses than you can imagine rolling out over the next year and... century. Everything from Drugs in Literature to How to Write a Cover Letter That Won't End Up in the Trash.

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So what is Shmoop anyway?


ACT* Crash Course

With Shmoop's ACT crash course, your pencils may be #2, but you'll be #1.

AP* Calculus AB/BC Review Course

The ultimate calculus cram course

AP* English Language and Composition Review Course

Shmoop's here to cram language into your brain.

AP* English Literature and Composition Review Course

The most cramworthy cram course.

AP* US Government and Politics Review Course

Your campaign manager for AP success

AP* US History Review Course

Your ticket to AP mastery.

African History

So much more than just mummies

Algebra II—Semester A

Nothing complex here... except complex numbers.

Algebra II—Semester B

We put the "function" in "dysfunctional."

Algebra I—Semester A

Invariable fun with variables.

Algebra I—Semester B

Double the equations, double the fun.

Analyzing Primary Sources

Never be stumped by a Maori artifact again.

Argumentative Strategies

Starting an argument has never been so fun.


From red shift to telescopes to the Big Bang theory


Of Monsters and Shmoopers.


They're the best and they sell. Enough said.

Biology—Semester A

Let's get cellular.

Biology—Semester B

Evolve your bio knowledge.

Breaking Bad as Literature

Get your fix of high-grade Shmoop.

Charles Dickens

What the Dickens?

Citing Sources

Spoiler alert: Plagiarism is bad.

Creative Writing: Fiction

Just the fiction, ma'am.

Creative Writing: Poetry

Poems are read, violets are blue.


Bullies be gone.

Digital Literacy

Get your savvy on.

Drugs in Literature

Just say yes...to literature.

Dystopian Literature

Welcome to tomorrow, Shmoopers.

ELA 9: Introduction to Literature—Semester A

Reading, Writing, and an obvious lack of Arithmetic.

ELA 9: Introduction to Literature—Semester B

Drama, Non-Fiction, Bestsellers (Oh My!)

ELA 10: World Literature—Semester B

From ancient ideals to modern reflections, Shmoop's got the skinny on the stories of the world.

ELA 10: World Literature—Semester A

Swords, Sandals, and Stories: Shmoop-style

ELA 11: American Literature—Semester A

My country, 'tis of Shmoop.

ELA 11: American Literature—Semester B

20th-century bona fide American Shmoop.

ELA 12: British Literature—Semester A

Paradise Shmooped.

ELA 12: British Literature—Semester B

Harry Potter and the Shakespearean Play

Emily Dickinson and Kate Chopin

Who's wearing the pants now?

Financial Literacy

The fun never dividends.

Five-Paragraph Essay

Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Food and Nutrition

Be gone, chili cheese fries!

Geometry—Semester A

A picture's worth a thousand words.

Geometry—Semester B

We've got all the right angles.

Grammar Rules I

Never misplace a comma again.

Grammar Rules II

On dashes, on parentheses!

Greek and Roman Mythology

For all your mythological needs

Holocaust Literature

The Holocaust through the lens of literature and film.

How to Read Comics

You'll never read the funnies the same way again.

How to Read Well

For the bibliophile in all of us.

How to Write a Cover Letter

Shmoop's got you cover lettered.

How to Write a Great Speech

TED Talks, here we come.

How to Write a Résumé

From blank page to dream job.

Human Physiology

Because you always wondered what was happening in your endocrine system.

Internet Research

Spoiler alert: Wikipedia is not a legit research site.

Interviewing and Business Etiquette

Taking you beyond "wear deodorant."

Introduction to Critical Reading and Writing

Unleash your inner critic.

Introduction to Logic and Rhetoric

Who are you calling a logical fallacy?

Introduction to Poetry

All you ever wanted to know about poetry—and then some.

Introduction to Shakespeare

Gettin' cozy with Big Willy Shakes.

John Donne

Stick a fork in us—we're Donne.


Get Shmoopesque with Kafka.

Media Literacy

You'll never watch TV the same way again.

Modernist Literature

Life stinks and then you die.

Personal Finance 101

Spoiler alert: Credit cards are not free money.

Pop Culture Literacy

Hop on Pop... Culture.

Power in Literature: Nonfiction

The power of freedom as seen through nonfiction.

Power in Literature: Poetry

The power of love as seen through poetry.

Power in Literature: Short Stories

The power of money as seen through short stories.

Power in Literature: Web Literacy

Power, fame, and the Internet.

Pre-Algebra—Semester A

The number one place for all things number.

Pre-Algebra—Semester B

The shape of Shmoop's heart.

SAT* Crash Course

SAT Prep by gurus who won't make you snooze, now in course form.

Shakespeare's Plays

Beefing up on Big Willy's best.

Study Skills

Studying, Shmoop-Style

The Canterbury Tales

Ye olde Schmope.

The Compare and Contrast Essay

Like a normal essay, but better.

The Hero's Journey

A monomyth for the ages.

The Job Search

Like night vision goggles for your job search

The Research Paper

Because you don't need an M.A. to whip up a great research paper.

The Torah

Let there be Shmoop.

The World According to Dr. Seuss

Who knew rhyming could be so controversial?

US History—Semester A

Shmoop's got the scoop on the birth and adolescence of the US of A.

US History—Semester B

Reconstructing reconstruction...till the present.

Women's Literature

All the author ladies.

Writing the College Application Essay

Ace the app.

Writing the SAT Essay

Your personal game plan for writing the SAT Essay

Young Adult Historical Fiction

Growing up was hard to do in the wayback days.

Young Adult Literature

For the young of heart...and book.

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