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Core Courses, Electives, and Credit Recovery Solutions
for Middle School and High School

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Solutions For:


  • Rigorous and Common Core-aligned curriculum

    Shmoop Courses are aligned to state and national standards and provide complete, rigorous curriculum to meet high school graduation requirements. Our courses focus on building college- and career-readiness skills.

  • Curriculum for Grades 6 through 12

    We've got core, elective, AP, and short courses for grades 6 through 12 on all subjects, from 9th Grade English and Algebra I to Biology, Art History, and How to Write a Résumé.

  • Engaging and Relevant Content

    Shmoop courses are written in the same fun style you know and love to keep students (and teachers!) engaged and learning.

  • Certified by Education Experts

    Our courses have been reviewed by experts and certified "A-G" for meeting academic standards and college-entrance requirements.

  • Virtual Classroom and Gradebook

    Each course comes with a virtual classroom where you can interact with and manage your students. We've also got a gradebook to keep track of students' progress and grade assignments with ease.

  • Flexible Uses and Solutions

    Shmoop Online Courses can be used in multiple ways. Use our full course with your online students, pull particular lessons or lesson plans in a blended learning classroom, or set up for Credit Recovery for those students who need extra help.

  • Analytics and Reporting

    Keep track of your district's, school's, or class' information with our robust analytics. Track which courses are being used, the time spent on lessons, how students are progressing in skills, and more.

  • Easy Setup and Management

    Customize your course to your needs with our easy setup wizard. Then manage your course's settings and your students’ progress with our management section.