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Argumentative Strategies

Starting an argument has never been so fun.

Are you ready to take your argument technique to the next level? Screaming stuff at the top of your lungs works really well for professional linebackers and drill sergeants, but everybody else should probably take this course. Here, we introduce you to the thing that started it all—the argument—and five variations on that theme.

Need to explain how your relationship with your iPhone is totally like the hippopotamus's symbiotic relationship with that weird little bird? (Really, who doesn't?) That's in here. So is a way to say "no" to everything someone says without sounding like a two-year-old.

Also in here: disagreeing with someone's point while still sounding open-minded and thoughtful, a magical method for changing the meaning of words, and a formula for explaining how the world works.

So what are you waiting for? Get in here.

Course Breakdown

    Unit 1. Argumentative Strategies

    This course explores some basic strategies of argumentation, and how to implement them in writing, including: 

    • Cause and Effect
    • Concession and Rebuttal
    • Definition and Reinterpretation
    • Negation
    • Analogy

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