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Emily Dickinson and Kate Chopin

Who's wearing the pants now?

Emily Dickinson and Kate Chopin were as different as they come:

  • Dickinson wrote poetry while Kate Chopin spilled her ink in prose. 
  • Dickinson refused to publish her works, and Chopin published reams of hers in popular magazines like Vogue
  • Dickinson never married and Chopin was a bride at a young age.

But these women did have one thing in common: they couldn't wear pants.

Translation: being a woman in America in the 19th century wasn't a walk in the park, and in this course, we'll take a look at how these oh-so-different authors addressed that very issue.

Course Breakdown

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    Unit 1. Emily Dickinson

    This unit will start with a glimpse into the life of 19th-century women and will follow up with a look at some of Emily Dickinson's most famous poems, including "Hope is a thing with feathers," "I'm Nobody! Who are You?," "Heart! We will forget him!," and "Much Madness is divinest Sense." Yeah, there's a lot of death up in this unit.

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    Unit 2. Kate Chopin

    This unit will tackle Kate Chopin's short fiction, focusing on her take on the expectations of women in the 19th century. Spoiler alert: she wasn't a fan.

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