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HOPE—Semester B

Get physical.

In the first semester of our HOPE course, you learned all about fitness, nutrition, and mental/social health. You embarked on your fitness journey like a fledgling.

In the second semester of our Health Opportunities Through Physical Education course, aligned to Florida state standards, you'll take the fitness bull by the horns and start your very own fitness plan while learning about substance abuse, sex, first aid, and infectious diseases.

Through a series of health lessons, activities, and projects, you'll learn how to keep yourself safe while putting into practice the fitness concepts we've been focusing on. By the end of the course, you'll be able to

  • know the risks involved with drugs and alcohol.
  • understand the basics of the reproductive system, sex, and healthy relationships.
  • keep yourself physically healthy and safe.
  • meet your fitness goals and ride off into the sunset with your back pocket full of fitness knowledge.

This is the second semester of our HOPE course. Check out Semester A here.

Course Breakdown

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Unit 5. Substance Abuse

This unit covers all the nasty substances you can put into your body—and how they'll mess your health up, both physical, social, and mental. We'll cover drugs, alcohol, marijuana, the consequences of misusing them, and ways to get help.

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Unit 6. Human Sexuality

This unit covers the big topics in human sexuality. We'll talk male and female reproductive systems, sex in the media, and healthy dating relationships and more.

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Unit 7. Disease and Safety

In this unit, we'll cover the ins and outs of disease—including the big killers like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes—as well as how to keep yourself and others safe. We'll talk CPR, AEDs, and the Heimlich maneuver.


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  • Course Length: 18 weeks
  • Grade Levels: 9, 10, 11, 12
  • Course Type: Basic
  • Category:
    • Health, Physical Education, and Counseling

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