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Internet Research

Spoiler alert: Wikipedia is not a legit research site.

If the idea of citing Wikipedia or Yahoo Answers doesn't make you cringe in horror, then this is the course for you. If "what did alexander the great do that was so great" sounds like a great search phrase, then this is the course for you. If "tiger AND physiology -Woods" is gibberish, then, yeah, this is the course for you. 

This course is designed to give you all the tools you need to go from internet research newbie to total web guru and crush that "research" part of your research paper. 

You'll learn to:

  • use Google's extra fancy features to find exactly the information you're looking for
  • evaluate the academic legitimacy of online sources
  • cite internet sources without simply slapping down some URLs on paper
  • organize your online research more meticulously than a squirrel stores his nuts

By the end of these four lessons, you'll be ready to take on that big, bad research paper with confidence.

Course Breakdown

    Unit 1. Internet Research for the Academic World

    This course is the ultimate crash course to doing internet research for a school project or research paper. Topics include: How to find legit research sources on the internet, how to evaluate those sources, how to cite online stuff, and how to keep track of and organize online research.

  • Course Length: 1 weeks
  • Grade Levels: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, College
  • Course Type: Short Course
  • Category:
    • Technology and Computer Science
    • Life Skills
    • College Prep

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