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Jane Eyre

Do you have skeletons in your attic?

You can't get much more romantic than Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre: poor, unloved, and unattractive orphan uses her awesome personality to win over a wealthy sort-of-aristocrat and live happily ever after. Oh, and by "awesome personality" we mean "blunt-and-somewhat-annoyingly-obsessed-with-duty personality." And let's not forget to mention that the sort-of-aristocrat is (1) mean, (2) ugly, and (3)...well, we don't want to spoil anything, but needless to say, he's no Ryan Gosling.

What we are saying is that Jane Eyre isn't exactly the harlequin romance novel that a DVD cover like this might suggest. But don't worry: it's still a crowdpleaser. Madness, disability, missionaries, and a tasty sprinkle of the Gothic make Jane Eyre a pretty compelling read for a book that was published in the wayback days of 1847.

The activities and readings in this course will help you

  • understand what made Jane Eyre so shocking when it was published and what makes it still so popular today.
  • see Jane as an unconventional heroine who's also the model for generations of subsequent heroines.
  • define Bildungsroman (gesundheit) and discuss Jane Eyre as an example of the genre.
  • point to elements of the Gothic and sublime in Jane Eyre.
  • develop arguments about major issues such as colonialism, gender, education, and spiritual equality.

Course Breakdown

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Unit 1. Jane Eyre

This 15-lesson unit will give you all the gothic goodness you could ever want.That, along with a mean and ugly romantic lead? Yeah, this should be an adventure.


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  • Course Length: 3 weeks
  • Grade Levels: 9, 10, 11, 12
  • Course Type: Short Course
  • Category:
    • Literature
    • English
    • College Prep

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